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January 8, 2011

Organization Inspiration

I have been dreaming of organizing my craft area for so long now so I thought I would find a little inspiration from the many creative crafters out there.  Here's a little of what I found.

I love re-purposing everyday items, so when I saw how Maya Lee used her grandmother's pitcher for her paintbrushes, I just had to share. I also love the little jars with buttons. I have a fascination for jars of all kinds - classic mason jars, old pickle jars, you name it. 

The following two pictures are from Mada's Place blog.  Again, more jars - did I mention I LOVE jars!


How about this tiered fruit basket used to hold ribbon? Too cute!

More ribbon storage

I love the simplicity and labeling of these jars I found over at Blessed Chaos blog.

ribbon jars

Now, if I could just get motivated!


Dandy Delights said...

Hello from DID! Love this post. I need to let you go through my laundry room,you could find lots of stuff to repurpose on all the shelves in there, LOL! I hope you'll check out my blog as well,
Good luck!

Melissa C said...

I'm an organizational freak so this post is fantastic!!! Melissa-Truly Chic Inspirations

Bella Events said...

Oh how I needed to read this post! I love the idea of the ribbon rolls in the tiered fruit basket!!! Found your blog from DID...Hope you can check out mine too :)

Beckie {Party So Perfect} said...

Sara - I'm the same way...can't seem to throw things away! When I say I have a thing for jars, I'm not kidding!! Cute following it...LOVE your work. Hopefully when I get further along, we can do some work together.

Melissa - Can you come organize my entire house?

Erin - I checked your site out last night...very cute...looks like you just got started like me, but you seem to be more consistent at posting ...Good luck to you!

Kimberly Stephens said...

Hello! Caught you o DID! Love your blog. I always love cute ways to get organized.
I am loving seeing the newbies! Hopefully we can grow together! Kim from Sweet Pea Celebrations!

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